A Poem:Longing For a Child .

This piece came to my mind while studying and is dedicated to future parents out there,those trying and those  who have a family already and appreciate the blessings and experience.

Longing For a Child


A Child so dear and charming

So cheerful, so adorable

The desire of every woman or couple

Consciously or otherwise


That which binds couples the more

Spreads love around the world

Brings forth hope, joy, energy and passion


Longing for one exhilarating, demanding and emotional

Longing for more exciting and fulfilling…


The success always satisfactory overwhelming!


Female Infertility And The Way To Success


The human female form or anatomy was designed to make children via the monthly cycle and the activities of distinct hormones except of course if a woman uses contraceptives or there is a peculiar abnormality somewhere within. A study has projected that a woman fully manifests best in with at least one child birth to stay in optimal health. The monthly menstrual cycle so well coordinated is aimed at achieving childbirth naturally and that is why any abnormality to it like heavy bleeding, irregularity among others points out a potential hitch somewhere.


From the age of puberty or maturity, a period of about thirty five years a woman’s ovary releases four hundred and thirty eggs on average which could be fertilized. Once during a cycle, an egg is discharged just before the onset of menstruation fully prepared to be fertilized by hundreds of millions of spermatozoa for conception to take place. During this episode the egg is stationary and awaiting the sperm to reach it with the waiting period usually twenty four hours. Naturally the egg fails to be fertilized either because there’s no intercourse at that time or the sperm has been unable to reach the egg cell. If sperm does reach and there is no conception then there is some abnormality somewhere in the physiological process which can be corrected once correctly identified though it may be difficult at times. The process is rather an interesting one and complex, so many things have to work in together for success.


A woman may actually detect when she is ovulating by acute observation and noticing changes in the body and also with the aid of mechanical home self test kits. If ovulation normally takes place and there is no conception consistently, then that’s a pointer and the problem should be narrowed down after making generic observations to check other determinant factors. Hope and keeping faith can also lead to success as tranquility helps in the conception process by checking mental and emotional stress coupled with the identification of the specific full infertility or recurrent spontaneous abortion (miscarriage), stillbirths or pre term deliveries underlying factors. These are also known as sub fertility.


So many times, people spend a fortune running expensive tests for years yet without success simply because tests are not always conclusive in some cases without looking at the bigger picture and other considerations among which is handling and treating each patient on an individual basis using and applying strong clinical skills effectively.



Female infertility accounts for as much six tenth of all cases and could be easily overcome with the right approach, adeptly utilizing the art of differential diagnosis effectively. Moreover, resorting to over relying heavily on fertility drugs with the accompanying unpleasant side effects especially those that are still tried does not help everyone. If fertility drugs have not been helpful after a long time, other approaches are definitely warranted.


Women and their spouses should always seek second opinions so as to make self protective choices in their peculiar cases in their quest for fertility and indeed any other thing in life. Second opinions I emphatically repeat do matter for in many instances with respect to disparate subjects and situations, things are seldom what they seem, which makes it imperative on everyone to search a bit wider and for the best likely solution to any problem.

Overcoming Infertility Via Individualized Approach

There is only one good, knowledge and one evil, ignorance-Socrates
All things being equal, the simplest explanation or solution tends to be the best one-Akom, 14th century logician.

It is said that having and raising children is one of the greatest joy if not the best-nothing could be truer especially when it is backed by desire. Perhaps that explains why some couples who have been unable to have kids of their own settle for adoption in order to fulfill that strong aspiration thereby experiencing the adventures of full family life.

Children indeed serve as catalysts that strengthen the bond of couples in love and companionship, motivation and increased zest for life. They can also be an excellent investment that yield unlimited compound interest with the satisfaction left to the realm of imagination only .So many that have tried but recurrently failed resort to understandable self pity, worry and anxiety on one hand and are subjected to harsh mockery and indifference especially from certain cultures that take pride in children as source of wealth and overall achievement. Childless unions tend to be more susceptible to break ups. It is indeed incontestable that a childless marriage is only half marriage especially when the couple desire children. A woman’s emotions, character and disposition are equally enhanced and perfected via motherhood. So, what do you do if you or loved ones have not succeeded in having children and still yearn for? Do you give up and embrace a single or series of opinions or approaches that may be inconclusive and faulty? Certainly not! There is always an answer to every problem only if you know where to find it .There is nothing really impossible. The right information and guided approach backed by empirical expertise can set you free .Information in most cases is the barrier between wealth and poverty as it can be the constraining factor to infertility.

Infertility is described generally as you know as the failure to conceive after a year or more of regular sexual activity and/or inability to carry a pregnancy to term. So many suffer from spontaneous abortion(miscarriages),still birth, premature birth while yet others have not been able to conceive again after the first issue although they are keen to. There are so many factors responsible for infertility and pinpointing the exact cause can be extremely difficult yet very possible or even simple depending of one’s understanding or notion of the word simple in relative terms. Many events and mechanisms must be near perfect for pregnancy to occur. The process of ovulation, fertilization and the journey of the fertilized ovum to the fallopian tube and finally to the uterus are highly intricate as any slight dysfunction may lead to problems. In this issue, there is nothing negligible, all factors are important. Physiological problems, malnutrition, bad habits or exposure to harmful substances can be contributing factors.

As much as sixty to sixty five per cent of all infertility cases are from the female side while sperm factors account for thirty five per cent. Gene factors that affect the anatomy leading to clumpness or immotility are prevalent. Infertility may seem to be on the rise over the last few decades but not profoundly, modern lifestyles and high tech stress has contributed a bit in some cases. The bottom line however is that there is hope for all. With individualized approach to find the underlying cause or sub factors which is highly possible, you can have as many kids as you want and can even choose when to conceive for there are mechanisms that can be used to detect the time of ovulation-with some over the counter and self tests you can use in the comfort of your home.

You can get the best advice, referrals, attention, guidance that will conscientiously work with you for your best interest to a swift sustained conception,   putting aside your initial frustrations/failures. Making well informed, self protective choices can make all the difference. Why settle for adoptions, surrogacy, egg donations, in vitro artificial insemination or the obdurate opinion of a single physician or series of unenlightened ones stemmed from ignorance when you can conceive naturally, especially when these other methods have recurrently failed or stressful? Yes, nothing could be more satisfying than conceiving and staying fine till labor time, successful delivery and ultimately witnessing your child’s birthday!

Too good to be true is a familiar saying which should be shirked sometimes as many things could be too real to be fake. In any case, everything in medicine is a therapeutic trial and there’s a ton of medical literature being overlooked which when carefully analyzed reveal answers to specific or generic cases. As the DNA theory suggests that everyone is different, each patient is to be considered on an individual basis which is backed by Moses Maimonides who more than 800 years ago said, ‘ The physician should not treat the ailment but the patient suffering from it’’. This statement is most apt and applicable to cases of infertility. Pragmatic clinical skills and evaluations must go hand in hand with tests to achieve optimal results, for getting best results is the ultimate aim.

Fertility-With educated choices it’s never too late

Infertility has been a problem for a long time and finding the exact cause could be complicated yet not entirely hopeless.When couples have been sexually active for a year or more without using contraception or anything similar,a routine check is warranted and should be a source of concern especially if the desire to have children is there.

There are many causes of infertility including endometriosis,uterine fibroids,ovarian problems like PCOS as well as unexplained infertility where an abnormality has not been detected via lab and technological findings.Similarly Spontaneous abortion in the first trimester,stillbirth and not carrying a pregnancy to full term could be frustrating times for those who have experienced that especially when it happens recurrently.

Whether it’s a case of primary infertility or secondary infertility,there is light at the end of the tunnel once a practical approach is used and it’s very possible to achieve success in a couple of months.

Remember that results in the shortest possible time is all that matter in contrast to trial and error and recurrent failures.So many people spend fortunes for many years without results or anything near it.Certainly the best approach or method is the one that brings results and lasting satisfaction.

To your success  and happiness in parenthood…